Hydraulic hand pumps

Hydraulic hand pumps

Lalmek Hydraulics’ hand pumps can, for example, be used as a emergency pump on electric hydraulic power packs or for basic hydraulic functions such as the operation of hatches, jacks, basic presses, etc.

Lalmek’s single acting hand pumps are equipped with a needle valve to open a return line back to the oil reservoir. They can also be equipped with a pressure relief valve and are available in versions with or without oil reservoir.


Lalmeks Hydraulics hydrauliska handpumpar kan användas som nödpump på elektriska hydraulaggregat eller för enklare hydraulfunktioner

Hand pumps

Lalmeks hydrauliska handpump med oljebehållare.

Lalmek hand pump, single acting, with oil reservoir

Lalmek’s single acting hand pump with oil reservoir


Lalmeks hydrauliska handpumpsenhet är enkelverkande.

Lalmek hand pump unit, single acting

Lalmek’s single acting hand pump unit


Hydraulisk handpump som är dubbelverkande.

Hand pump, double acting

Double acting hand pump with pressure relief valve as an option.