Hydraulic cylinders - PARALLEX

Hydraulic cylinders - PARALLEX

Using Lalmek PARALLEX we can get up to six tie rod hydraulic cylinders to work in a synchronised movement and always keep the right level and the right carrying capacity irrespective of how the load is distributed on each cylinder.


The system is based on the volume ratio between a number of hydraulic cylinders that are connected in series, which means that they always move in sync. The hydraulic cylinders are equipped with a function that means they are calibrated each time they reach an end position. Parallelism is therefore almost exact as the right quantity of oil is always maintained between the cylinders. This function can also be used when bleeding the system.


The hydraulic cylinders are of the tie-rod type where the cylinder is screwed together with four tie-rods. This design is ideal for demanding applications where vibration and pressure peaks are common as there are no welded joints.

The cylinders can be supplied with a number of different fastening options at both the piston rod end and the cylinder short end, such as spherical ends, internal or external threads or for mounting with bolted joints.


Lalmek PARALLEX can be equipped with integrated linear sensors that state the position of the piston rod with great accuracy.


Examples of suitable applications for Lalmek PARALLEX include lifting systems for materials handling and vehicle assembly, height adjustable work stations within industry, hydraulic presses and other production equipment where demands on synchronised movements are high.


The image shows a hydraulic schematic for series connected hydraulic cylinders with compensation functionality.


Hydraulcylindrar med PARALLEX-funktion. Illustration av hydraulcylindrar med PARALLEX-funktion.