Hydraulaggregat, Hydraulcylindrar och annan hydraulik från Lalmek Hydraulics.


We can offer a number of unique, in-house developed components that are ready to work hard in the most shifting and challenging environments. We know what is needed and possess the expertise to resolve complicated hydraulic needs easily and efficiently. With us you will benefit from the latest advances in hydraulic technology; often we create new technical solutions together.

Hydraulcylinder KC med dragstänger, hål eller ledlager i kolvstången.

Production and services

Thanks to our customised production we can provide our customers with a comprehensive solution consisting of hydraulics, mechanical designs and electrical control systems.

Hydraulsystem från Lalmek Hydraulics

Hydraulic system

We create the industry’s most creative hydraulics based on the work the machine needs to perform taking into account pressure, placement and precision.


Using Lalmek PARALLEX we can get up to six tie rod hydraulic cylinders to work in a synchronised movement and always keep the right level and the right carrying capacity irrespective of how the load is distributed on each cylinder.