About us

Lalmek Hydraulics AB

Lalmek Hydraulics started operations in the 70s and has since then been an innovative force within industrial hydraulics and mechanical engineering.

Operations are concentrated to the factory in Ölmstad midway between Gränna and Jönköping. Our geographical location means we can reach 80% of Sweden’s population within 3 hours, from Malmö in the South to Gothenburg in the West and Stockholm in the North.

We become fully involved with our customers in order to create effective and reliable solutions. Lalmek Hydraulics is a company that cares about good and long-term relationships with its employees, its business partners and its surroundings. Ethics, business code and concern for the environment are values that have always been at the top of the company’s agenda.

Lalmek Hydraulics utilises both in-house designed and purchased components that are easily integrated in customised systems. Our degree of service is unique in the industry thanks to our large stocks. We offer throughput times and quick deliveries of hydraulics. 

With us you fully utilise the power and potential of the hydraulics.


Quick facts:

Turnover SEK 50 million

Number of employees: 35

Credit rating: AAA

Form of ownership: Privately owned limited company

CEO: Henric Kollin


Exteriör på Lalmek Hydraulics fabrikslokaler i Ölmstad cirka 1 mil söder om Gränna.