Hydraulic system



Lalmek PARALLEX is a system solution for specific types of movements and work where it is an advantage with several tie-rod cylinders that work in parallel in order to prevent wear and compensate for unevenly distributed loads. The challenge can be to get them to work in sync. Using our Parallex system we can get up to four tie rod hydraulic cylinders to synchronise and always hold the right level and the right carrying capacity irrespective of how the load is distributed on each cylinder.

The system permits work movements that press as well as pull and lift. An uncomplicated system without external components and therefore one that is reliable and affordable. The system can be built for both single and double acting movements.

Examples of suitable applications for Lalmek PARALLEX include lifting systems for materials handling and vehicle assembly, height adjustable work stations within industry , hydraulic presses and other production equipment where demands on synchronised movements are high.


Hydraulcylindrar med PARALLEX-funktion.