About us


Our History

Lalmek was established in the 70s. It all started with a problem at home in the barns here in Ölmstad, which was solved with a hydraulic design that the founder and owner of Lalmek, Lars-Arne Larsson, designed himself. As no other sensible alternative could be found on the market.

This is how our first hydraulic driven system for manure handling in dairy farms saw the light of day. The system attracted attention in the industry and also was the start of a long-term collaboration with DeLaval who took on marketing and service through its global network. A collaboration that has resulted in a vast number of innovative solutions for farm management, including ergonomically adjustable floors for milking pits (ComFloor) and an advanced gate system for milking areas (CowMover).

The workshop grew quickly into a modern industry and the development of a number of unique hydraulic components took off – for example the pressure reversing directional control valve, but also complete hydraulic systems. Today Lalmek Hydraulics’ customers can be found not only in the agricultural sector but also within solid fuels, materials handling, workshop equipment, environmental technology and wind power.

For 40 years we have been a driving force within the area of industrial hydraulics with many ”sensible” solutions developed in close cooperation with our customers. And in this way we will continue for another 40 years – at least.


Lalmek Hydraulics historia började i ett garage på 1970-talet.