FLEXODRILL is a unique solution that allows angled holes to be drilled, e.g. in a valve block with a CNC controlled multi-operation machine. Valuable machining time can be saved as the number of times the part needs to be clamped is reduced.

FLEXODRILL is developed by Lalmek Hydraulics to solve its own needs while manufacturing hydraulic blocks.

FLEXODRILL can in one operation drill different holes at different angles and in both two and three dimensions.

Under the right conditions FLEXODRILL can drill a hole that is up to 20 times longer than the drill diameter.

FLEXODRILL is available in 3 different sizes: FD11, FD16 and FD20.


FLEXODRILL är en unik lösning för att enkelt kunna borra vinklade hål upp till 40 grader i till exempel ventilblock med en CNC-styrd fleroperationsmaskin.