Hydraulic system


Lalmek PC

Lalmek PC (Pressure Control) is an in-house developed system to monitor, control and govern functions and movements in the hydraulic system. The concept is that one or more pressure sensors, which are strategically placed, send signals to the control system. Precise control of the pressure in the hydraulic system give numerous operating advantages in terms of service, performance, energy consumption and service life. Examples of functions we build into hydraulic systems include:

• Load control

Using Lalmek PC allows the measurement of loads on one or more cylinders in the hydraulic system. It is also possible to use Lalmek PC to give an indication of the weights the machine is handling.

• End position control

The machine’s control system can, thanks to Lalmek PC, signal when a cylinder has reached an end position without using an external end position switch. This gives end position control that is maintenance-free, disruption-free and less sensitive to mechanical wear.

• Movement control

In many machine sequences there is a need to lock forces, establish a constant load or limit forces during a movement. Naturally, this is entirely possible with Lalmek PC as analogue signals are continuously sent to the machine’s control system in real time.

• General operating control

Lalmek PC means that operating and disruption checks are built into the hydraulic system. For example, if a preset pressure has not be reached after the pump has started, this may mean a hose failure or other leakage, for which the control system then issues an alert.



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